Establishing fairness
into gambling

$ELY is a decentralized platform which enables people to have fairness while playing out their own luck.

our vision

Building an unstoppable Ethereum
social casino.

We believe that Ethereum as an ecosystem is more than a technology for freedom. $ELY is also a world-changing community of millions of people. It is totally unacceptable for our money and interactions to remain at the mercy of centralized platforms!

Now imagine a casino in which all players are having equalized odds of winning. All players deserve fairly distributed rewards based on their contribution. A place where $ELY is fun, social, and provably fair on the Ethereum blockchain. Distributing wealth across individuals has never been easier and fair enough before.

This concept doesn’t have to remain in your imagination.

We're gonna make it happen. Together.

Dedicated to

The Community

We all care about freedom and fairness and we don’t like relying on a central authority to make decisions especially when it comes to sensitive markets as gambling. So we took the idea of decentralization beyond just technology. We mix legal and software code to develop a social casino governed by the community in an open and participatory way.

Fueled by

$ELY platform

$ELY platform is the result of years of experimentation at the intersection of blockchain and social interactions. The platform provides a extensible way for the community to play and invest their funds into a provably fair mechanism.

Initialized through

Ethereum blockchain

The place where freedom of expression and privacy are kept in its place. This is why $ELY platform is designed to operate on the Ethereum blockchain as a self-governing community powered by the people!

Our Journey

$ELY is for the people. Our platform is backed by investors and our community.

Stay in touch with your community through posts in your timeline. Explore and engage in conversations or start new ones!

This is just the start. See what lies ahead ⏳👇

Initializing Ethereum World commons
Building a decentralized social networking app with familiar UX
Testing moderating tool(s) for decentralized social networking
Near Term
Try out the Ethereum World integration center
Design and build participatory decision-making app(s)
Experimenting with Ethereum World managed projects and grants
MID Term
A fully member-led governance process supporting Ethereum World
Power-up participatory moderating and distributed decision making
Ethereum World becomes a decentralized autonomous social network
Thousands of dapps and services more social and easy to use
Next-generation social apps powered by Ethereum composability
Step-up usability to onboard the first billion people on Ethereum
The journey continues with you! 🚀

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Watching history in the making is cool but writing the future yourself is even cooler!

If you have a great idea which could solve a big problem, or plans to integrate your Ethereum app, let’s get in touch! We’ve been waiting for you!

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We are a fast-growing network of partners and projects working together to make blockchain technology more accessible to everyone! Let’s do great things together!

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